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A concession price is available for those on maternity leave or a low income.  


Please ask for details.



Home Visits

As a therapist who caters exclusively to Mums, I offer to visit your house after the kids' bedtime so that you don't have to find a babysitter.


All you need is a quiet space where we will be largely undisturbed and two chairs.


Sessions are 90 minutes long, so 8 - 9.30 p.m. usually works best.  However, I am flexible and able to fit around what works best for you.



         Within Barnet Borough: Included


         Outside Barnet Borough: Travel fee £20   (to cover time and costs)

Email: [email protected]

Text or Call:   07941 010005


Clients often comment on my kind and compassionate way.  I understand that the body and mind are often very sensitive following trauma and I am mindful of this.


I'm careful to release emotion gently, with love and through accessing resourceful states.






I've worked hard to compress the benefit of my training and experience into a  90 minute session in which you can get a fresh mindset and feel differently about your particular problem.


Unlike some other forms of therapy, there is no tie in or long commitment.


Faster EFT and Mindscaping are effective in stand alone sessions and there is   no hard sell.







To make an appointment and get booked in today:



Text or Call:  07941 010005 or


Email:  [email protected]












"Any therapy can be made more effective by combining it with hypnosis."


                                                                                                Dr. Mike Mandel



The reason Faster EFT is considered fast therapy is that it combines hypnosis with other healing techniques.  With hypnosis, we address the subconscious mind and can therefore actualise REAL changes.


Have you ever been through a course or courses of talking-based counselling, only to find that you can intellectually understand your problem but not shift it?


That's because talking engages the analytical part of the brain, your conscious mind, which often rejects new ideas and reframes.


My sessions, in contrast, are SENSATIONS based and the techniques used work with the subconscious, which is where real change takes place.


This is also why Faster EFT is more effective than simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on its own.  It is the hypnosis element that supercharges it, which regular EFT does not leverage.

Emotional Help For Mums, 

Overwhelmed  with the

Challenges of Parenting?

Powerful and fast therapy techniques to bring you back to calm.


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                Investment: £60: 

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                Investment: £150

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