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This is a space for musings and insights inspired by my practice and designed to help Mums on their own healing journey.



I'm 100% committed to my own growth and would love to help with yours, too.


With New Life Comes New Hope

By Sonya Whaley, Feb 28 2016 08:00AM

A fortnight ago we welcomed our new son into the world. As the drama of a birth fades into the background, as a family we take a brief hibernation from the world and working. The postman brings cards and gifts to our door daily. It is a happy time. We slow right down.

We begin to appreciate the little miracle hatchling with the slowness and wonder a new life deserves.

The wonder of his physicality. Of holding in your arms something so new that it is still tightly wrapped in a womb-like ball shape, like a curled up hedgehog.

First few days

For the first few days, he barely opened his eyes. When he did, it was just one eye at a time for the shyest peek. This cute habit quickly earned him the nickname 'Mr Mole'.

His eyes open wider now and are bolder, revealing a curiousity. Yet when he blinks it is in slow motion, bringing to mind the unborn baby in Massive Attack's Teardrop video with ethereal backdrop beats and lyrics:

Love, love is a verb

Love is a doing word.

The in utero state captured perfectly.


As he physically unfolds in his first few weeks, there is an awareness of the unfolding of a path stretched out before him. A new life waiting to be played out, with any number of variables.

If life is a rich tapestry, at this moment it is blank, outstretched and a huge opportunity for joy, variety, fulfilment.

There is hope, scope, possibility and it is exciting.

With new life comes new hope, for sure, and opportunity for us all to reflect on our own lives. Are you happy with the way your life is unfolding?

What can you do today to close down on your unhappiness islands and maximise your happy ones?

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