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5 Exhilarating Ideas To Mix Up An Ordinary Day and Stop Feeling Stuck

By Sonya Whaley, Apr 10 2016 09:40AM

It's so easy. We find the best way to do something and then stick to it like frost on a windscreen.

But what if this succession of best practices is unwittingly keeping us stuck?

What if it is our undoing?


My daughter's favourite bedtime book is called Mix It Up. It's all about blending paint to make exciting new colour combinations.

Young kids' lives are a continuum of newness and discovery. We grown ups have to work a bit harder at it.

But if you want to create lasting change, establishing fertile ground is hugely helpful.

Quick Tricks For Busy People

Hands up if you'd like to quit your job, take a year out and sail around the world?! Probably a fair few of you. But we don't have to make a change at the macro level. Micro changes make a difference and are much easier to commit to and action.

Here are 5 ideas to mix it up and feel different in your day-to-day:

1. Wear Something Outlandish

Outlandish for you, that is. I was once obliged to wear a suit every day for work and will now only wear one at gun point. In the spirit of mixing it up, I wore one for fun recently and noticed all day how different I felt. I walked differently, sat differently, imagined other people regarded me differently.

If you usually wear navy, try out pillar box red. If you always wear trousers, try sporting a dress. You get the picture. Notice feeling different.

2. Brush Your Teeth With Your Other Hand

This was recommended to me in a workshop with FasterEFT expert Deirdre Maguire. Give it a go for a month. This feels really strange and sends a signal to the brain that you are open to change.

When brushing with your opposite hand starts to feel normal, try using your non-dominant hand to control your mouse. Your work rate will plummet but your subconscious will realise there is more than one way to skin a cat.*

3. Use Your Lunchbreak

Get on Google Maps and draw a 2.5 mile radius around your work place then pinpoint any landmarks and interesting features. Make a plan to visit them. 2.5 miles is about as far as you can jump on a bus and walk back in an hour.

This is as much about noticing the buildings and streets on the walk back as experiencing the landmarks themselves.

4. Rebuild Bridges

We get so nostalgic on New Year's Eve singing Auld Lang Syne about our past acquaintances fading into obscurity. Let's learn from it and keep alive our network and friendships.

Go through the address book on your phone and send a text to or call someone you have not had contact with in a while. It can also help get a fresh perspective to talk to someone outside our inner circle from time to time.

5. Walk your journey home from work

We are sometimes so eager to sprint out the door and get home, it can be easy to forget that there is a world out there. One evening, when you finish up, walk or run or cycle home instead. Take the time to observe your surroundings. They say the devil is in the detail but so is the beauty.

Alternatively, stay on the train all the way to the end of the line and make yor way home from there. Turn your journey on its head. You will be amazed at the change in perspective.


Use these tricks to break your routine and get outside your normal headspace. There are any number of variations and possibilities.

If you want changes to stick, make sure you create an environment that welcomes change.

▪ I am not really advocating skinning a cat. My 7 year old tabby insisted I include this disclaimer.

Apr 11 2016 06:13AM by Cat

Love these ideas Sonya! I'm also delighted to hear that Mix It Up is A's favourite bedtime story :)

Apr 11 2016 05:58PM by Sonya

Cheers Catherine!
I concur it is a great book, really interactive! Thanks again for the present :-)
Glad you like the ideas. I am really into the lunch time one at the mo - that's how I came to sit in at the Supreme Court last week. Life sure is an adventure x

Apr 17 2016 07:40AM by joan fagan

I have always mixed my day up since leaving work nothi.ng mire boring than routine

Apr 17 2016 04:52PM by Sonya

Too true!

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