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Is parenting putting you in crisis?

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I work with Mums who need a helping hand.


Having a bad day and it's not yet 7.a.m.?


We all feel overwhelmed sometimes.







I work with cutting edge hypnosis-based therapy techniques to bring you back to calm.  








What Can I Do For You?


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It can sometimes take a lot of courage to reach out for help.  


Take the first step today by getting in touch:






Call or Text:   07941 010005




Email:  hello@sonyawhaley.com

Email: hello@sonyawhaley.com


Text or Call: 07941 010005

Emotional Help For Mums,

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Your Equilibrium Can Be Restored.

A Foolproof Way To Find More Time In Your Day






One of the hardest things about being a Mum is facing up to the fact that you just cannot get as much done as before baby came along.


How do you reconcile that?

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Sonya is one of the most gifted and caring practitioners I have ever worked with.

R. Hargrove


Very busy Mums can also opt for Skype sessions

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